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FARM NEWS FROM THE FARMERS The farm has been busy for months now, but we’ve mainly been focused on one thing-getting the early crops in the ground. We are now in our third week of harvest, and the planting work has gone into overdrive! With the danger of frost behind

FARM NEWS FROM THE FARMERS I love to farm. I like to drive tractors, work with the animals, harvest vegetables, get dirty and greasy, and bust my knuckles working on junk equipment. We always seem to be trying new things: testing new plant varieties, flame weeding the carrots, and plowing

FARM NEWS FROM THE FARMERS Life bursts forth this time of year, bringing a lot of excitement on the farm…and anxiety. Sometimes, when everything greens up, I wonder if I’ll be able to keep up. But this year, I’m more worried about how slow things are coming on. It’s been

FARM NEWS FROM THE FARMERS Bryce and Lothar are out late again tonight, catching turkeys and chickens to take to butcher in the morning. Thank goodness the rain quit a while ago! Bryce will deliver the birds first thing tomorrow and pick them up on Wednesday. Sometime in the new

FARM NEWS   FROM THE FARMERS Last week we started organizing indoor jobs, knowing rain was inevitable. Planting winter crops in the hoophouse was at the top of the list. So yesterday, Steve, Ariel, and I hustled through morning chores and headed for the hoophouses. I’ve always enjoyed this work.

FARM NEWS FROM THE FARMERS Bryce, Jack and I spent this past Sunday afternoon with Wendell and Tanya Berry… at their house…talking about life and agriculture and family…telling stories about old farmers and wayward animals! I expected to feel young and green and intimidated, so I was struck by the