Join our CSA Farm Share program to enjoy weekly deliveries of your favorite seasonal vegetables.

CSA Farm Share Pick-up location map

Farm Share Sizes & Prices

CSA Farm Share Pick-up location map

Visit our Harvie CSA Membership page to see our up-to-date pick-up locations.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in establishing a new delivery site or would like more information about Home Delivery.

CSA Farm Share Pick-up location map

Employee Health Benefit Voucher Holders


We are thrilled that the University of Kentucky and Lexington Fayette Urban County Government continue to experience all the positive health outcomes and wellness benefits by offering employees a voucher to offset the cost of purchasing a CSA membership! There are some slight differences in the programs, and these differences are outlined below.

UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY – $100 & $200 vouchers

There are two voucher amounts available: $200 vouchers, which can be used to purchase a Regular or Extra-Large Main Season Membership, and a $100 voucher, which can be used to purchase a Small Main Season Membership. Please be sure to include your UK ID info and apply your corresponding discount code at checkout to insure you will receive the health benefit discount.


LFUCG employees can receive a $250 voucher, which can be used to reduce the cost of any of Main Season Memberships. You can also add on the Fall weeks, with the purchase of the Main Season Membership but the discount will only apply to the original purchase.


We partner with the Kentucky Farm Share Coalition, which works with employers to establish health benefit voucher programs in the workplace. Learn more about how Kentucky Farm Share Coalition can help launch a program with your employer!

Research from a pilot program at the University of Kentucky demonstrates that those who participate in CSA:

  • go to the doctor less

  • spend less on prescription medications

  • eat more fruits & vegetables

  • and report feeling healthier

Additional research shows a significant cost savings for those CSA participants who start the season with a history of high diet-related medical claims expenditures. The November 2018 staff paper, “Diet-Related Medical Expenditure Impacts of a CSA Voucher Program”, highlights:

  • CSA participants who start the season with a history of high diet-related medical claims expenditures showed a significant decrease in diet-related medical claims as well as a significant decrease in pharmacy expenditures over 12 months following the start of intervention = $1080 (2015) and $1,530 (2016)

How our CSA Farm Share works

1. Sign up online with Harvie Software

Visit our farm profile on the Harvie website. Decide which CSA Farm Share Box Size works best for your household. Need help deciding? Give us a call or check out our Sizes & Pricing info.

2. Choose your pick up location

Choose the pick up location that is most convenient for you! We offer pick up locations in Lexington, Richmond, Danville, and Berea. We also offer HOME DELIVERY for an additional fee!

3. Choose your Payment Plan

Pay in full at the start of the season to help us get things rolling on the farm, or choose a budget friendly payment plan. The payment plan asks for 25% upfront, 25% at the start of the season and the remaining half of each delivery charge to your card each week.

4. Set Your Veggie Preferences

Rate your preference on a scale of 1-5 for each crop we grow for our CSA Farm Share members. When the season starts, we will curate a box each week based on your taste and what is available for harvest. You can tweak your box contents each week during the review period to insure your share meets your needs, or purchase additional items to be included with your delivery.

5. Pick up your weekly share

Visit your delivery site each week and get your fresh veggies. Out of town on vacation? No problem, pause your deliveries using your CSA account in the HARVIE software and resume once you return to town. Switching between delivery sites and days is also easy, and allows you to tailor your schedule so it’s always convenient.

6. Enjoy!

Enjoy your favorite healthy, certified organic, locally grown veggies and connect with people that share these values while supporting a small family farm.

Common Questions

Community Supported Agriculture engages farmers and community members in a mutually beneficial relationship, providing financial resources and security to the farmer, and nourishing food and relationships to the member. At the beginning of the growing season, individuals and families pay in advance for a share of the farm’s produce for the season. To arrive at the cost, we multiply the average value of the weekly share by the number of weeks in the season. Each week, members pick up their CSA basket at a designated time and location.

Small family farms like ours not only survive, but thrive because of the CSA community. This has been our experience for the past ten years of having a CSA.  Because of this support, we are able to do a better job of taking care of the land, and purchasing essentials like seeds, fixing equipment, and paying our employees, to name a few examples.  Farming entails lots of risk because of weather, disease, pests, changes in market conditions, and more. When you buy into our farm for a season, you help us mitigate some of these risks and become an integral partner in our farm community

CSA gives members access to truly nourishing food: organically and locally grown, nutritious, delicious, and fresh. What’s more, CSA directly connects you with your farmer, with the land, and with a community full of neighbors who value vibrant and thriving small family farms. A CSA pick up is a great place to make friends and to learn new recipes. Finally, CSA is a great opportunity to financially support and put into practice some of the causes that you care about: stewardship of the land and the life it supports, a healthy local food economy, and the success of small farmers.

You can easily “pause” your deliveries when you are away, and you can resume deliveries when you return. You can reschedule the missed share for a different week, or delivery day using your Harvie profile.

We always recommend starting with a SMALL share and moving to a larger size if you find you need more produce. It is also easy to purchase additional items to be included with your share each week. The advantage of getting a larger share is more of your favorite items are initially included when your share is planned for the week, giving you first dibs on the produce you enjoy most.

You are welcome on our farm. We love this place and enjoy sharing it with our community. We believe that seeing the farm can deepen the connection you have with your food. In 2021, we are planning several rain or shine events where you can come to the farm, get your hands dirty harvesting some veggies, and take home even more of the harvest!

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