Farmer Field Day


Great to see so many other farmers out at the farm!

Farmer Field Day: Reduced Tillage, Cover Crops, and Crop Rotations on an Organic Vegetable Farm

Last week on Tuesday, June 4th, we hosted a farm field day as part of the Organic Association of Kentucky’s (OAK) Climate-Smart Commodity farmer education programming. USDA is funding this work through the Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities Project, which will promote the adoption of climate-smart farming practices and develop markets for climate-smart commodities.

This really is the first type of funding we have seen that will address some of the concerns we see during production on our farm. Growing produce asks a lot from the land, and we have to be very thoughtful about how we balance raising all these vegetables, while also taking care of the soil, air, water, animals, and microbes that also support our lives.

On the farm tour, we spend about 3 hours walking around the farm, talking about our crop rotation, soil types, reduced tillage strategies, and organic vegetable crop production. We had about 75 attendees, including 50 farmers, so there were a lot of good questions and discussions! And to top it off, we wrapped it up with a farmer social at Night Jar!

Custom made cultivators on old tractors help keep our field weed free.

Bryce Baumann at OAK Field Day, June 4th, 2024

NRCS Soil Conservationist

Soil Stability Test