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Roast asparagus this way and it becomes positively juicy You’d think one pound would be enough for four people, but in my experience the thick stalks — the best kind to use — are really irresistible Err on the side of extravagance, and polish up any leftovers for lunch the

Asian-inspired napa cabbage salad has a tart and tangy dressing made with rice wine vinegar. The toasted almonds on top give the recipe a great crunch. Source: Napa Cabbage Salad

Glazed in a salty-sweet blend of sesame seeds, honey, and olive oil and roasted until crunchy, the humble beans make a nicely adult, tree-nut and peanut-free alternative to the typical candied nuts. Source: Caramelized Sesame Chickpeas

Don’t limit traditional pie spices—clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg—to the dessert table. In this rich gratin, they take a savory note alongside kale and cheddar. Source: Kale and Sweet Potato Gratin

Tofu adds creaminess to this spare salad of spinach dressed with peanut butter and red miso paste. Source: Spinach and Tofu Salad with Peanut–Miso Dressing Recipe | SAVEUR

Lambs quarters aren’t meat–they’re a spring green, and they’re early to local markets. We’ve got 5 ways to enjoy them. Source: Seasonal Eats: 5 Ways to Enjoy Lambs Quarters: LAist