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* You’ve got a story. And it’s not just the ins and outs of your daily life, and all the things that make you smile, though those are part of your story.  It’s bigger than that. It doesn’t start on the day you were born, and it doesn’t end on

FARM NEWS FROM THE FARMERS After all the turkeys and CSA shares made it to their respective fridges and tables early last week, we enjoyed a slower pace on the farm. We spent time together as a family, letting our minds chew on what job to tackle next. During college,

FARM NEWS FROM THE FARMERS This time of year, folks are always asking us if things are slowing down on the farm, and in some ways they do. Frost comes, cover crops are planted, and we have that extra cup of coffee in the morning. We also have a chance

Sixteen years ago, I raised my first crop of sweet corn to sell at the Berea Farmers Market. Corn led to tomatoes and a u-pick strawberry patch while I was in high school.  When I went away to college, my dad kept things going, starting as many as 10,000 tomatoes