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CSA Basket #21

We had an eventful morning preparing your baskets! Heavy rain with lots of lightning while washing produce and packing boxes. Fortunately, we had made it in from the gardens when the rains came. Bryce, Lothar, Steve, and Ariel were out late last night and up early this morning as we were sending chickens and turkeys […]

CSA Basket #20

Good Morning, Rain! Hope you made it to last Saturday’s market and lunch. I understand from Bryce and Anna that the food and the crowd exceeded expectations! Encouraging to see what is possible at our local farmers market. TODAY’S BASKET Tomatoes Rose Finn Apple Fingerling Potatoes Aji Dulce Peppers – flavor of habeneros without the […]

CSA Basket #19

Hello, What a great time of year! We were out early while there was a heavy dew and temperatures in the 50’s. We picked the lettuce first while it was still cool before it gets the field heat. You will notice basil in your box today; we’re nearing the end of the basil season. So, […]