2024 CSA Season Things

The sunshine and warmth these last couple weeks has got us excited for the CSA season ahead. And so, we wanted to share with you about what’s coming, and what’s changing!

The CSA season length is May through September, 21 weeks, same as last year. Responding to feedback from many of you that your share was too large, we have decreased share sizes, reflected in decreased total share prices. The cost of individual items (for instance, a pint of cherry tomatoes or pound of new potatoes) has not changed. If you are among those who consistently have too much produce in your share, or if you travel a lot during the season, here’s another change you might like: for the first time, we’re providing  an “every other week” share.

If you find you consistently have too little produce in your (SMALL OR REGULAR) share, you can go up a share size. As before, no matter your share size, you can always add extra produce to your share using Harvie (and, as before, you can swap out one item for another). Throughout the season, our goal is to add 5 or 6 items from other local producers to what’s available through Harvie including bread, mushrooms and meat.

You may have heard last year that we were debating switching our software: Harvie has not been without its glitches. But because we have been assured Harvie is fixing some issues (like some pricing issues, and the ability to makes changes to 2 different shares at the same time), and because other software options come with their own challenges, we have decided to stick with Harvie. If you encounter any problems at all, always reach out to us directly at eat@lazyeightstockfarm.com, and we’ll come up with a solution.

We encourage you to have your share delivered to your home if you can afford it and if you struggle to get to a pick-up site regularly. Alternatively, if you select a farmer’s market as a pickup site, we love to see and chat with you there, and you can always add things that strike your fancy to what you take home.

Finally, a teaser on which we’ll elaborate a little next week: we’re excited to add a 16-week flower share this year, starting in June and going through September. Members will take home a beautiful bouquet for $18 a week, a great deal on local flowers. We’re trying lots of new things like Bells of Ireland, scabiosa, and lisianthus, as well as familiar flowers like zinnias, statice, sunflowers, snapdragons and forget-me-nots. Cait McClanahan is heading up the flower share, and has years of experience growing flowers.

There’s not much that speaks agriculture in our picture this week, but flipping through some images from last season on the farm, this one got us hopeful about the coming warmth, and wanting to extend an invitation: come visit us in beautiful Paint Lick anytime.