Collard Kraut-chi | Suwanne Rose

Fermented foods are healthy and delicious. They’re the original probiotics, with living bacteria that create enzymes and add vitamins. They also have a zingy flavor that’s addictive. All ferments are pickled, but not all pickles are fermented. Most pickles you buy at the grocery store are “quick-pickled” with vinegar rather than naturally fermented. They don’t have the same health benefits or depth of flavor of the real thing. Kraut-chi is a goofy word coined by Sandor Katz, author of The Art of Fermentation. It’s a hybrid of sauerkraut and kimchi, the German and Korean fermented vegetables. He applies the simple technique of sauerkraut with the bold flavor of kimchi to get the best of both worlds. First, you’ll need some equipment. I use a wide-mouth jar with an airlock, especially in warmer weather, because it has a tight seal, prevents mold, and regulates pressure. You can find them at this Etsy shop. You can also use a crock with a lid or a plate with a weight on top. You’ll also need a tamper (aka: vegetable stomper, cabbage crusher, kraut pounder) or dig through your kitchen drawers and make-do with something sturdy and long enough to pound vegetables in the bottom of the jar. Once you’ve got all your supplies, the rest is easy, and you can use them to make other ferments, like pickled okra. Sandor Katz’s website:

Source: Collard Kraut-chi | Suwannee Rose