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Sixteen years ago, I raised my first crop of sweet corn to sell at the Berea Farmers Market. Corn led to tomatoes and a u-pick strawberry patch while I was in high school.  When I went away to college, my dad kept things going, starting as many as 10,000 tomatoes

  FARM NEWS CSA POTLUCK THIS WEEKEND! SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28, 4 pm at the Farm (map below) We are looking forward to seeing you Sunday afternoon at the potluck, and to trying all your delicious dishes! CSA member Jason Cohen has graciously volunteered to smoke some of our pasture-raised turkey.

  FARM NEWS FROM THE FARMERS Eliot Coleman says it’s hard for him to find motivation in the garden when he is looking at dead plants, and I agree!  The frosts last week left a general sense of decline across the farm.  The fall outside tomatoes were left hanging with