Across the back fence of our farm, tucked into a hillside pasture, is an old family cemetery. Long neglected until recent years, we discovered the cemetery during a winter walk several years ago. We were surprised to learn that the cemetery holds the remains of two Revolutionary War soldiers.

This land holds our collective history – neighbors born on these hills whose bones are held in the memory of the earth and this place. A collective history that engenders a sense of kinship and intimacy, unexpected and tender, that is as powerful as kinships born of blood.

On our side of the fence, as we plant, till, tend, and harvest, I am reminded of this kinship when we find broken arrowheads – the remains of primitive weapons of our earliest ancestors.  In the course of our farming endeavors, the earth reveals secrets of ancient ones whose lives have also been connected to this land and this farm. It is from tending this soil that we see our crops grow and flourish – this land of memories and wisdom…

As we bid farewell to the strawberries, we welcome an array of spring greens that have been biding their time to take their place in your kitchen and on your table. We hope you enjoy them. Also, we’re using the last of our storage butternut squash for a farm made sweet bread. If you are gluten sensitive, please let us know soon so we can make a special non-gluten loaf for you. Not sure what to do with a particular item? Reach me at 859.200.4831, or send me an email at It’s always fun to talk about food!

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– Carla