CSA is a healthy choice

Being part of a CSA means cooking at home. For some this may present a new challenge or a way to reconnect with a familiar pattern. Wherever you are in your journey, cooking that is centered around your weekly CSA share gives you the freshest seasonal palette. Fortunately, using ingredients at their best and absolute freshest means that minimal preparation is needed – good news for busy folks who are almost always constrained by time when it comes to meal preparation. Through our conversations with you, we hope to share our passion for bringing us all back to the farm, the earth, and the kitchen. What we eat matters and is as vital to overall health as anything that we can do! Knowing what to do with your weekly CSA contents is critical to getting the benefits of participating. We certainly benefit as a farm family from your membership because it provides a relationship and source of energy that is critical to this sometimes overwhelmingly risky work. We hope you see the benefit of improved health and wellbeing that others have experienced by eating food fresh from the farm.

– Carla