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My mother grew up the baby of four kids on a cherry farm near Traverse City, Michigan. Besides the sweet and sour cherries my Grandpa Kahrs raised, Grandma sold butter from their few milk cows, plus eggs and chickens. She was a stoic woman – I can picture her trudging

Being part of a CSA means cooking at home. For some this may present a new challenge or a way to reconnect with a familiar pattern. Wherever you are in your journey, cooking that is centered around your weekly CSA share gives you the freshest seasonal palette. Fortunately, using ingredients

After a four year wait, we’re finally harvesting our first bountiful asparagus crop. The reason for the necessary delay in harvest is to allow this perennial plant to grow an extensive root system called a crown. The asparagus ferns spend all summer sending energy to the roots, and when spring

With some 1,500 heirloom fruits and vegetables under cultivation, Appalachia is the most diverse foodshed in the U.S., Canada and northern Mexico. Among them is a beloved corn called Bloody Butcher. Source: On The Trail To Preserve Appalachia’s Bounty Of Heirloom Crops