Fall Sugar Snap Pea Blossom


Eliot Coleman says it’s hard for him to find motivation in the garden when he is looking at dead plants, and I agree!  The frosts last week left a general sense of decline across the farm.  The fall outside tomatoes were left hanging with unripe fruit, full of potential.  There was even concern our fall crop of tomatoes in our unheated hoop houses was going to succumb to the 24 degree temperatures without yielding a single tomato.  Jack Frost shows no quarter.

Brassicas give me hope!  Not only do they survive the frost, many thrive.  The kale only gets sweeter, and the moths wing’s that plagued our spring broccoli and cabbage are delightfully frozen. Coleman says his motivation comes from clearing out the dead and planting new crops as soon as possible to fill the void.  The tomatoes have been cut down, the field corn is picked and the sweet potatoes are curing, all to make way for more winter vegetables and cover crops.  The farm can grow year-round, we are just learning the dance.

Transitioning into fall our minds are busy with the work at hand, but also consumed with thoughts of the year ahead.  Thank you, to everyone who has completed the survey we sent out last week!  Your feed back in so important to us, because we know that our success is directly linked to your satisfaction!  If you don’t have the time to take the survey, we are always open to conversation.  Just a few words at pickup will be remembered, and we plan on making ourselves available at the potluck to hear your thoughts.  Thanks again, for supporting our farm and CSA.


fall tomatoes in the hoophouse

Steven Erickson carrying feed to the turkeys



If you haven’t completed our season-end survey, there is still time. About half of you have, and it’s been so helpful to know your thoughts.  Without your feedback we are left with only our own thoughts, and we know this project will be more successful by incorporating your feedback. To thank you for sharing your thoughts, we will have free, fresh baked treats at next week’s market/CSA pick up (Tuesday, October 16).


WEEK #24 – CSA Share Contents

Cilantro between the beets


  • Please complete our season end survey, October 16
  • Pick up a homebaked treat at the market as thanks for completing our season-end survey, October 16
  • CSA Member Potluck, October 28
  • Last regular CSA delivery, October 30
  • 2012 FALL CSA starts, November 6
  • Order your Thanksgiving Turkey, pick-up @ farm November 18
winter carrots


Hanoi Noodle Soup with Chicken, Baby Tatsoi, and Bok Choy

Fall puts us in the mood for soup! Pick up a package of chicken breasts at the market, and add some sweet potatoes to stick to your ribs…

Recipe Exchange (We promise to get the login operational soon!)

Whether you’ve never cooked with turnips before, or are just plain tired of the same old okra dish you’ve been making all season, sometimes you need inspiration to cook with the contents of your CSA box…Check out our new Recipe Exchange where all chefs are invited to share favorite recipes and fresh ideas. We will post recipes in the newsletters so you can access them quickly.


Fall sunrise